Data security

Our primary concern is the security of your data

Sometimes it is impossible to reuse your IT equipment, and if it contains sensitive data, a physical destruction is required to make sure your data will not end in the wrong hands.

We are able to safely destroy and recycle all kind of equipment that could contain sensitive data such as employee personal data, customer records and commercial histories:

  • Hard drives
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Data storage devices
  • Backup devices, memory sticks
  • Floppy discs
  • Telephone equipment
  • CD’s, DVD’s and Blue Ray discs

Once your IT equipments are collected, we drive them directly to our plant where the material is shredded in small tiny pieces to make sure no information will never be able to be restored.

The data shredding of your electronic storage devices is also a secure option is you want to protect the intellectual property of your prototype or for tax purposes (fiscal scraping).This process is as relevant for small businesses as it is for large corporate customers, public and private sector.  

We understand the sensitivity of data on computer storage devices and the need for confidentiality. That is why we offer a secure and responsible data shredding. When the material is destroyed we provide a destruction certificate.

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