For producers

Producer responsibility for electronic household waste

Whether you are a manufacturer, manufacturers’ association, retailer, importer or distributor of electronic and white goods, you will benefit from our commitment and straightforward handling of your waste electronics. As well as our own highly efficient, eco-friendly treatment facilities, we work with a selected number of compliant logistics and recycling companies to provide bespoke logistics and recycling solutions across Europe.

Reliable recycling solutions

We see waste as a resource. Stena's cost-effective and sustainable solutions are based on compliant and state-of-the-art treatments as well as reliable downstream solutions.

Used electronics items are taken to one of Stena's dismantling facilities. All components that contain hazardous substances are identified, separated and are forwarded for specific treatment. After that the material undergoes a manual and mechanical treatment process for recycling in the most efficient way.

We always use the best technology available. Through science, research and caring we create new solutions to constantly changing recycling challenges.

Brand protection

Your brand is one of your business’s most valuable assets. This is why we make sure that your equipment is recycled in our plants with state-of-the-art processes for maximum recycling and recovery rates, to safeguard both your brand equity and your data security. This way you ensure none of your equipment will end up exported illegally or put in a landfill.

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