Recycling & material recovery

Stena provide recycling solution for all types of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). To ensure compliance with the WEEE directive and the hazardous waste regulations, Stena can offer a collection, processing and disposal service for WEEE.


We receive and collect electronic waste from every sector of society. Whether you are a producer or importer/distributor of electronics or white goods, or a company looking for a recycling partner, we have the right services. We also handle used electronics from households normally through producers associations.

First treatment

When used electronics are brought to one of Stena’s dismantling facilities, all hazardous waste, such as batteries, mercury and CFCs, are safely removed. This is followed first by a manual and then an automated treatment process to recycle safely and efficiently. We offer several world-leading processes that greatly benefit the environment and our co-workers. In addition, our operations prevent the spread of large amounts of hazardous substances and materials contained in waste.

Second treatment

All components removed from hazardous waste are fragmented into several material fractions. These fractions are processed through water baths, shaking tables and other separation technologies to produce high-quality secondary raw materials.

Raw material to new production

We deliver our raw materials to steel mills, foundries, plastic producers and other producers. We supply a global market with large quantities of processed raw materials of uniform and high quality based on the customer’s requirements. Material from worn out products provides raw materials for new products that people want - over and over again.

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