Processed material keeps on circulating!

Each year we recycle more than two million refrigerators and freezers. 98 percent of the material is processed into new prime ingredients for continued life cycle. Environmentally harmful CFCs are neutralized in closed systems. If you pile one day of recovered refrigerator appliances on top of each other, they will end up at 9860 meters, i.e. higher than Mount Everest.


Jackpot for the environment!

In a project for Svenska Spel, Stena Technoworld recycles 3,500 slot machines. For every one recycled, CO2 emissions are reduced by 215 kilograms. The slots contain cathode ray tubes, cables, circuit boards, metals and plastics. After processing and recycling, these materials eventually end up in new products.

Electronic recycling around the world

Each year our electronic recycling contributes to avoiding carbon dioxide emission of over 1.3 million tonnes. This is the equivalent of 200,000 round-the-world flights. This is the amount by which emissions would have increased if the material had not been recycled, but had been replaced with raw materials from new, virgin material.


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