Flat panel display

During the last decade a clear technology shift has taken place and flat panel displays are now common in both private households and businesses. The old glass TVs and monitors have been replaced by new technology which allow for slimmer constructions and better pictures. Several sub-technologies have entered the market of which plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, 3D-TVs and “Smart-TVs” are all belonging to what we call flat panel displays.

Common for flat panel displays is that the source of light used in the old glass appliances has been replaced by new technology such as cold-fluorescent cathode lamps (CCFLs) or LEDs. CCFLs contain mercury, one of the most hazardous substances in electronics waste. Therefore there are special requirements on how to handle flat panel displays, both from national legislations and industry standards, in order to ensure that the mercury is taken care of properly while not exposing workers and environment for any emissions. Stena has been in the forefront of development of flat panel display treatment since long and has been setting standards for the recycling industry. Your discarded flat panel display is in good hands with Stena.

This is how it works

Stena always strives after minimizing impact on the environment and to follow local legislation. This means that our solutions are adjusted to both geographical location and local requirements. Common for all our plants is that our processes are built with worker’s safety and environmental impact in focus. The hazardous components and substances are taken out from the products and disposed of and the remaining material is prepared for further recycling. Depending on local requirements we generally recover above 90% of flat panel displays.

We accept: All types of flat panel displays, TVs and monitors, plasma screens, LCDs, LEDs, OLEDs, 3D-TVs and “Smart-TVs” and other versions.

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