IT equipment & small appliances

IT equipment and small electric and electronic appliances are sent to a dedicated treatment line in one of our precious metal recycling plants. Thanks to this innovative process we are able to offer a comprehensive, environmentally sound solution to our customers.

How does it work?

Sorting and depolluting

Before any mechanical treatment is performed on the appliances, we make sure all hazardous wastes are removed. This is done manually to prevent any contamination of the environment, our employees or polluting of our final fractions. Examples of hazardous waste we remove are mercury, capacitors containing PCB, lead and asbestos.

Precious metal recycling (PMR)

After the manual treatment, the materials go to state-of-art treatment processes for further upgrading. The PMR plant guarantee a high efficiency and recovery rate with a special focus on precious and semi-precious metal like gold, silver, copper and palladium.

PMR plant Angiari, Italy

Plastic Recycling Center 

After the shredding process we upgrade our plastics in-house within our Plastic Recycling Center. The separation of the good and recyclable plastic from the non-recyclable plastic, that contains brominated flame retardants, is done thanks to the density principle (sink and float tank) controlled by salt dosing adjustment. 

Products we recycle: 

Small appliances: Vacuum cleaners, toasters, iron, coffee machines, grinders, electric knives, appliances for hair cutting and drying, tooth brushing, shaving, clocks, watches and scales.
IT equipment: Computer laptops and desktops, printers, pocket and desk calculators, fax, mainframe, cellular telephones and any other equipment for data storage.

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